The Organization

The SHT-Software engineering union is an organization devoted to make software SHT again. For that purpose we issue so-called SHT-Certs leveraging the SHTest cryptography one can think of. If a project is SHT-certified, you can safely assume that it is SHT.

The Team

The team members of the SHT-Software engineering union are - of course - the SHTest software engineers you can imagine. They are thoroughly chosen from the set of all living men. So, becoming a member is a matter of being discovered by members. In the end, it ensures a lasting SHT quality of the union and its work.

The Background

Over the last decade it became increasingly clear that a whole lot of software is shitty. This also got our founding members’ attention. After a careful analysis of the situation they could identify poor software from the 90s and 00s originating from the language extremism of the 80s and 90s as the main problem. And as a result, they decided to unionize and develop strategies to oppose that trend. Eventually, the SHT-Software engineering union was born.